Summer Student Applications

REL is proud to have a strong tradition of recruiting talented undergraduate summer students to participate in rigorous research projects that have tangible learning and research outcomes. REL summer students have consistently completed highly impactful research projects and have often published their work in peer reviewed journals. Our students have won several awards for presenting their work at a variety of internal and external scientific meetings. 

We're proud to offer the following potential research projects for the summer of 2018 (May 2018 - August 2018). If you are interested in applying for a summer student position at REL, please carefully review the following projects and follow the application guidelines for each of the projects. We also encourage you to fill out the IBBME USRP application form that you can find here (deadline February 21st 2018). We also encourage you to view our past publications and visit the website of the Principle Investigators whom you are interested in working with. 

Please note that we receive quite a few inquiries and only a few are invited to join the lab.