Milos R. Popovic

MyndMove is a non-invasive therapy that combines patient participation, therapist expertise and the MyndMove functional electrical stimulation (FES) device to restore voluntary hand and arm function in patients suffering from upper-limb paralysis. The MyndMove device is a single system comprised of several parts:

  • embedded stimulation protocols that can elicit over 30 different reaching and grasping movements
  • an 8 channel stimulator that can stimulate up to 8 different muscle groups in a single stimulation protocol
  • an intuitive user interface allowing therapists to select and deliver personalized therapy


MyndMove is Manufactured by our start-up company MyndTec Inc., and it is Health Canada and US FDA Approved. 

Project Publications

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FES Garment Study

Milos R. Popovic

REL is working to develop a new generation of stimulation device: the FES garments.

Those shirts and pants made of conductive and non-conductive fabric are currently designed with the help of end-users.

They will also be tested soon with stroke-survivors and individuals with spinal-cord injury.

Additionally, several instrumentation and stimulation designs, both open-loop and closed-loop, will be experimented with able-bodied participants. 

Project Publications

  • Moineau, C. Marquez-Chin, M. Alizadeh-Meghrazi, G. Stefan, K. Masani, M.R. Popovic, “Design of garment devices to deliver functional electrical stimulation in individuals with neurological paralysis,” Rehab Week 2017 - 21st International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society Conference, London, UK, July 17-21, 2017.